Photography skills

A training course entitled “Photography Skills” was held at the State Institution “Tajikistan Media Academy” to improve the skills of photographers of media offices. The training course was conducted theoretically and practically, and participants learned about the history of the origin and proper use of photographic equipment, the choice of location and object when photographing, the use of lighting and other nuances of the photographic profession. Experienced photographer Zaur Dakhte said that a clear vision and a deep understanding of the environment play an important role in becoming a professional photographer. Therefore, everyone who chooses photography as a profession, along with high-quality equipment, must at the same time have a unique taste, interest and taste. During the lesson, the teacher got acquainted with the practical work of the participants and gave them useful advice for professional development. The training course will be attended by 10 photographers from publications, magazines and news agencies, who will use the experience of Zaur Dakhte to hone their skills.

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