Payment Lessons at the Media Academy

On Apr 6, 2021 0

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The State Institution “Tajikistan Media Academy” has started training for make-up artists of TV channels from April 5 to 9, 2021. Such a professional training was held today in the library hall of the Media Academy of Tajikistan with the participation of Sayora Akhmetova, an experienced master in the field of finance. In this session, more attention was paid to the purity and attractiveness of the film in television and cinema, which depends on the profession of the designer. It was noted that the director of television and cinema should have a thorough knowledge of the sciences of history, geography, ethnography, physiology, psychology and theater. Changing the face according to the scenario, depending on the time, environment, role performance requires special knowledge and skills from the developer. At the same time it is necessary to know the hairstyle, face, harmony with the dress, color depending on the requirements of the subject, added an experienced master of the field Sayora Akhmetova. The design of television, cinema and theater has its own characteristics, which strongly depend on the proper use of lighting during filming. It was noted that according to the plan, such training sessions with practical lessons in the theater and studio “Sinamo” will continue until April 9.

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