In search of paradise

On May 3, 2021 0

Mankind has been searching for something new since the beginning of the universe, and has a beautiful hand and a clear eye. Because the human eye always wants to see the beautiful environment. The eyes see and the feet want to walk, and the heart spreads a feeling of joy that the body enjoys. When I ate. My mother always told me about the beautiful nature of the most beautiful countries in the world. Today, I see the truth of these words at every step in the land of beauty, which is called Tajikistan. It is true that in the land where you were born, that place always brings the scent of paradise to your eyes. But the effort is made by man himself to turn his land into a garden of paradise and his people to be as happy as the people of paradise. It was the Founder of Peace and National Unity, Leader of the Nation, His Excellency Emomali Rahmon. others in every corner of the country and beyond have built interesting scenes in which even children sprinkle water on each other and run from heart to heart, watching these moments is itself a real paradise that is incomparable in the world. The motherland is the mother. Mother’s embrace is paradise itself. My homeland allowed me to breathe the fresh air. My mother opened her arms to me so that I could grow up in it with love and the hands of its inhabitants made it blossom in Tajikistan. Tajikistan has a unique nature. Each season of this country has an amazing beauty that you can expect to come back to once the season is over. The spring of Tajikistan for its hills, dressed in a green robe, and the successive rains that fall on the grass, and then fall like tears to the ground. It is very difficult to break the heart. In the summer, the sun’s rays illuminate the flowing waters like a diamond, dazzling the viewer. Its golden autumn and winter are fabulous. To see the beauties of this country. Tourists from other countries come to our country with souvenirs from our craftsmen. Today, the laughter of the girls who proudly raise their heads at every step and laugh sincerely. This sound of laughter is combined with the sound of birds sitting on the trees, and in general it is like listening to a song, which is the dream of everyone to see such a peaceful and peaceful country. Tajikistan is my beautiful homeland. Your name is enough for me to be proud of your name at every step and try to make you more attractive in the eyes of the world.

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