Department of Television and Radio

The TV and Radio Department of the Tajik Academy of Mass Media is engaged in retraining and advanced training of TV and radio staff. Professions of journalists, directors, cameramen, design and painting, sound directors, editing engineers and other professions in need of retraining are enhanced here. According to the work plan, we invite professional specialists to conduct trainings and master classes at a high level on a contractual basis. Classes are conducted theoretically in the classroom and in the TV studio with the use of video and editing equipment. The TV and Radio Department analyzes and researches the programs of TV and radio channels and expresses its views on their improvement. At the same time, surveys will be conducted in cities and districts of the country to determine the actual audience of television and radio. These surveys first of all show what viewers think about TV and radio programs and how they want to see them in the future. The authors express their views on the content of the programs and the timeliness of the information. The Department of Television and Radio will study this and provide the necessary materials for the training.
The Department of Television and Radio of the Academy of Mass Media of Tajikistan, in accordance with the plan, conducted theoretical and practical training for the professional development of television and radio. .
The first lesson conducted by the department on 12. 04 2016 was for the staff of the country’s radio stations on the topic of “Coverage of sectoral issues in radio programs”. During the week, the participants were taught by Professor Jovid Mukimov, Doctor of Philology, Professor of the National University, and reports on the course were broadcast on television and radio. Participants were awarded Certificates

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