Department of Information Technology

The Department of Information Technology has been working since the beginning of the activity of the “Tajikistan Media Academy” and has provided training seminars for the creative and technical staff of the media.
Currently, communication technologies are developing rapidly, and taking into account this factor, the demand for specialists in the field is growing. “Use of the Internet and other information technologies”, “Information protection”, “Transition to HD broadcasting” (familiarization), as well as periodic training course “Transition to HD broadcasting” are among the retraining courses conducted by this department. The technical staff of TV and radio channels will be acquainted with the latest developments in the field of modern technology and will learn how to use them properly.
At the same time, the Department of Information Technology has organized internal courses for the staff of the Academy. To date, these classes have been conducted on “Computer Learning” (technical part), “Computer Learning” (software part), “Using the Internet” and “Working with Databases”.
This year, the Information Technology Department of the Media Academy of Tajikistan has organized a number of training courses based on the work plan.

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