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(Some comments on the border conflict between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan)

The colorful pages of life and the way of life apply the wisdom and logical expressions of this unspeakable in every form and form, the conclusion of which from beginning to end includes the content of “If water turns into a hundred, it is familiar again.” Connectivity, priority and stability of the words of solidarity, solidarity, unity, friendship and mutual understanding flow from the window, the end of which leads us to peace and stability and the achievement of unity and universality. The passage of two decades of the new sovereign state, taking into account the difficult times, has given such a stable form and perfection of loyalty, love and patriotism of the people that the real result of the last few days has been the young men did more. In conclusion, another important detail is that the prosperous Tajik nation has always been known and respected not only in the Central Asian region as a prosperous and prosperous nation, but also as a nation with great children. has been. It is a matter of special pride and pride that although the construction of the Rogun Palace on the initiative of the Honorable Leader of the Nation Emomali Rahmon has created fundamental unity and solidarity in the hearts and souls of the people, but the real results of the last days of defense of our homeland In the Internet space, under the far-sighted slogan of our unnamed President “Tajikistan forward”, we have practically witnessed together that this honorable behavior and action is a compliment to our dear compatriots. The course of life and historical facts on the issues of the existence and settlement of the two neighboring nations with all their fundamental values ​​have proved that these border areas, located in the Sughd and Batken regions of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, are and will forever belong to our country. remained. Of course, for the reader of Zaki through social networks and official information, the issue of demarcation of the border was identified during the Soviet era, and for a while due to water and land problems, the Tajik side offered this corner of the country to the Kyrgyz people. In this regard, taking into account the identified logical documents, the content of the speech of the Supreme Leader of the Nation during his working trip to Isfara, Sughd region was sufficient and a kind of strong warning of our President to all influential owners of the region and the world. “The Tajik government has been negotiating with Kyrgyzstan since 2002, and to date more than 100 meetings have been held between delegations of the intergovernmental commission on delimitation and demarcation of the state border. I would like to emphasize another important point that during the whole period of negotiations, ie for 19 years, the issue of replacing Vorukh with any other territory did not exist and cannot exist. The experience of international relations shows that relations with neighbors should be based on mutual respect, tolerance and respect for the national interests of the parties. Because the issues of territorial and territorial disputes, coordination of the state border line and its demarcation is a complex process and their solution requires a lot of time and effort ”. In addition, since the second half of April 29 this year, the Supreme Leader of the Nation has held telephone conversations with the leaders of the countries of the region, where the flames of war have been extinguished and official delegations are sitting at the negotiating table. History testifies that the proud Tajik nation from the very beginning has been tolerant, happy and has a respectful culture in resolving any problems and inconsistencies of national interests. The course of our life and the various pages of our state have repeatedly proved that in several other cases we are confronted by internal enemies and selfish countries. But in any case, our guide and guide is the same knowledge, wisdom, grace and pearl of our foundation that has made us a leader and an example for all. The conflict on April 28 and 29 of this year in the difficult conditions of the modern world has warmed the hearts of our enemies and made their faces brighter. This is despite the fact that the patriotic Kabiri and the outspoken Sharofiddin, with a few of their baseless and illogical speeches on social networks, want to expand and complicate the scope of these unjustified conflicts. But, traitors of the nation, none of your words and actions can change the position of the happy Tajik people. Because from the youngest to the oldest people of the country with attention and support of the constructive policy of the state and the Government of the country, today they will start from a single struggle and will remain faithful in the protection of the ancestral land forever ”. This logical point is well known to all, and you and your companions should know that from time immemorial to this time, every usurper and invader and every helpless enemy who has encroached on this pure land has faced an unfortunate and shameful situation. Another aspect of the main point of view is that during the thirty years of independence the strengthening of our patriotism and Tajiks under one strong umbrella and the new school of statehood of the Leader of the Nation has been developed and brought up, which has resulted in these few days of major border conflicts. We saw it with our own eyes and with their zeal and zeal we praised and praised them. But above all, the unique wisdom and the position of our other national unity is the hidden strength and invincible spirit of the pride of our ancestors, which today, with all the strength and dedication to the body of each of us is reunited and becomes stronger than ever. RS: At all times, our prosperous nation has resolved all kinds of wars, conflicts and revenge through tolerance, wisdom and protection of mutual respect, and has gained the status and prestige of the world. We are confident that this time, too, the results of the implementation of such advanced national practices will lead us to promising results and remarkable achievements.

Karimzoda Haqnazar Izatullo,

deputy director  Media Academy of Tajik

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